Securing Your Digital World

Our mission is to provide a service customized for corporates and individuals to let them know about the loopholes in their digital networks and devices and to help them secure their digital world.

How We Work

We have a proprietary 3 step approach to provide you the best service and to ensure your digital security.

Our Security Adviser will first assess your requirements and will give you an action plan.

Based on the provided action plan, our ethical hackers and cyber forensics will penetrate your device and network to identify the loopholes.

Based on the generated penetration report, our security expert will come up with a solution for the identified problems and will guide you with the best practices.

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Our Corporate Services

Corporate Network Testing

Corporate Node Testing

Server Testing

Premises Access Testing

Website Testing

CRM/ERP Testing

K. K. Dokania Texas Data Center

I thank to penticians for their continued support in security or data centers and for helping us in gaining our client's trust.

Amelia Ava

I had a data breach on our website and didn't what to do. Penticians helped us in indentifying the problem and also suggested us the solution. We now have penticians to annually test our website to keep it secure.

Lucy Evelyn

Penticians helped me in securing my home network and mobile. You are amazing.