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Penticians specializes in social media hacking and account recovery. We can help you with locked account recovery, password recovery, hacking into someone’s account.

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Why Choose Us?

Personalized Support

Security Experts, Ethical Hackers, and Cyber Experts are ready to assess and provide personalized support for your security related issues.

Client Privacy

We are the highly trusted team that can ensure the privacy of the service provided and the information we fetch during the service.

Timely Solution

Upon assessing the issue, we provide a turnaround time and come up with a solution within the timeline because we know time is an asset.

Cost Effective

Our services are very cost effective and best fit for both corporate and home users. We try to provide the best value for the money you are paying.

Our Services

We are the best at recovering any social media or email account. We are a group of cyber experts for hire to get your recovery job done.

Facebook Recovery

Recover your hacked or locked Facebook account | Get into anyone's Facebook account.

Instagram Recovery

Recover your hacked or locked Instagram account | Get into anyone's Instagram account.

Snapchat Recovery

Recover your hacked or locked Snapchat account | Get into anyone's Snapchat account.

Email Recovery

Recover your hacked or locked Email account | Get into anyone's Email account.

Our Social Media Security Expertise

As professional ethical hackers, we provide a range of hacking services depending on your need. Starting from Facebook hacking, Instagram hacking, Snapchat hacking, and Email hacking to recovering or deleting an account or information.

Facebook Account Recovery

Instagram Account Recovery

Snapchat Account Recovery

Twitter Account Recovery

Email Account Recovery

Social Media Hacking

Account Deletion

Information Removal

Find a Social Media Stalker

Recover your Locked Account

Social Media Monitoring

Email Account Hacking

Need More? Get in touch and we can help you beyond the limitaions.

Things people ask us

Most Frequently Asked Quesions

Who we are?

We are an escrow organisaiton working between the client and hacker. We have been in the industry for a impressive period of time providing these services with an unquestionable undisputed reputation. We work in the middle for both the parties ensuring the anonymity and financial safety by systematically analsying the possible risk and ways to overcome it.

How we can help you obtain an unbelievable result undoubtdly better than desired?

We have successfully built a strong network during our perpetual journey with the eminent hackers from all across the world having undisputed reputation in various types of hack. So we can help you get anonysmously assisted by the hacker having undistinguished expertise in the method or form of hack needed depending on your request.

Can you help me in catch a cheating partner?

We are the best in phone monitoring. Our hackers can hack into your partner's phone, social media account and emails to track their activities.

When is the payment made?

The payment is upfront. As we have disclosed already about ourselves being an escrow ensuring financial safety for both the parties. We take the payment upfront from you before we assign the hacker but not hand it over to the hacker. Instead we keep it on hold with us till you get the results and confirm us to release the funds to the hacker. This way even the hacker is assured of payment after the successful hack providing the desired results. But, incase if by any chance the hacker will not be able to succeed in hack or fails to achieve it in the promised time then you will be refunded right away.

How can you be assured or guaranteed?

With the remarkable journey during the long duration spent providing these services in the industry we have achieved an unquestionable reputaion as an Escrow. Being an escrow, we have to ensure the benefits of both the parties so the cost involved in the process of required hack providing desired results is taken upfront and kept on hold. So that incase if you change your mind in the middle the second party won't suffer a loss investing their time and money for it. Similarly when the hacker fails then you will be refunded right away without any deduction.

Why we don't share or accept any traceable payment or details?

Most of the request we receive aren't possible to be obtained by legal methods or legit processes. So in order to accomplish the results desired by our clients we use blackhat or greyhat hackers bypssing the various legal terms, law and authorisations taking us on the top in the Wanted list of law enforcement agencies and organisations from all across the world. Apart from that we aren't aware if the person submitting the query with us is a normal person or a government offical from any corner of the World. As anyone can submit the query to us through our website from any corner of the World and sharing such details which could directly lead to us is not a great risk for just us but even the thousands of clients, employees and hackers associated with us.

Should I hire a hacker online?

You can always hire an ethical hacker from Penticians. We are a group of certified and skilled ethical hackers.

What questions should I ask before hire a hacker online?

There are many reasons you might want to hire an ethical hacker. Perhaps you suspect that your company's website has been hacked and you need to find out how the hackers got in. Or maybe you're concerned about a potential security vulnerability in your organization's systems and you want to get ahead of it by hiring someone to test your defenses.

My Facebook is hacked. How to recover?

Our experts can help you in securing your Facebook account and recover it for you.

How to find genuine hackers for hire?

Penticians is trusted by 1000+ clients. We are known for our 100% anonymous service.

I need to hire a hacker. Can you help?

Yes! We offer various ethical hacking services to choose from. Contact Us for social media account recovery social media account.

How Facebook Hacker, Instagram Hacker and Snapchat Hacker get into our accounts?

By hacking into the accounts of other people who have access to your account. They may also use phishing or social engineering to trick you into giving them your login information.