We are Penticians

Providing web penetration testing and security solutions

penticians is a security service provider that offers penetration testing services for corporate networks, servers, laptops, and desktops. We help our clients identify security vulnerabilities in their systems and suggest the right solutions to fix them.

We believe that security is a fundamental requirement for any organization or individual using technology. With our expertise in penetration testing, we can help you secure your systems against the latest threats.

How it works

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Request a pentest by filling out a simple form on our website.

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We'll schedule a time for one of our certified pentesters to come and test your system.

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Once the pentest is complete, you'll receive a full report detailing any security issues found.

Penticians – Security Service Provider

penticians is a one stop shop for all your network, server and desktop security needs. We have the best in class penetration testing and cyber security training, so you know how to protect your home or business from hackers.

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Penticians is the world’s leading tool for evaluating cyber-security risks.